3CX Unified Communications

We provide fully-featured telecoms solution suited to any business. Moving a PBX from on-site to the cloud guarantees high performance and uptime, and enables a range of features to support enterprise management.

Cost Effective

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Don’t accept lazy per-extension pricing. We’ll take the time to design the lowest-cost system possible, taking advantage of low-cost SIP trunks and price structure that makes sense for your size.

  • SIP trunks provide carrier-grade calling at low costs 
  • Avoid per-extension pricing to scale easily 
  • Advanced PBX features included as standard, not add-ons 
  • No excessive hardware costs by deploying to the cloud 
  • Make & receive calls on desktop and mobile applications 

                            Unified Communications 

3CX free testingmodern phone system is more than just phones. 3CX unifies voice, fax, video and more into a single, unified platform. Video conferencing, web chat and mobility applications for iOS and Android are included, so you can communicate how you want. 

  • Voice, fax, video & corporate chat in a single platform 
  • Internal & external video calls, easy-to-manage webinars 
  • Create a mobile connected workforce with native applications for smartphones 
  • Live Chat & Talk integrated to website 
  • Integrates seamlessly with common CRMs and Office 365 

Easy to Deploy, Easier to Manage 

enterprise Yealink CanadaWhether setting up a phone system for the first time, or migrating your legacy PBX to the cloud, we’ll work with you to design your perfect system, and have it installed & running quicklyManage yourself or have us administer off-site. 

  • Free, expert system review to understand business requirements 
  • Migrate to the cloud for cost savings, easier administration, and flexibility 
  • Fast, lowcost setup and easy expansion  
  • Have your PBX managed by us off-site, or by your system admin with an intuitive admin console 
  • Easy hardware setup with preferred handset providers 

                               Advanced Customer Service Features 

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Never drop the ball with customers while running your office seamlessly. 3CX has a host of advanced features that enable calls to be managed simply and intuitively. 

  • Auto-receptionist routes incoming calls 
  • Call reporting and analytics  
  • Voicemailtoemail for easy management & forwarding 
  • Receptionist switchboard for easy call management  
  • Call recording for review & audit 


 Be Mobile & Expand with Ease 

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We excel at multi-location businesses, whether in different suburbs or different countries. Connect remote offices with a single, integrated PBX and communicate with ease. 

  • Integrate multiple offices under a single cloud-based system 
  • Make & receive calls from anywhere with softphones & web applications, as if you were at your desk 
  • Numbers available in over 100 countries 
  • Low-cost international call rates 
  • Free calling between extensions, anywhere

        Reliable and Secure 

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We deploy 3CX on a dedicated secure server for each of our clients, using enterprise-grade servers and SIP trunks.  

  • Enterprise-grade secure servers, deployed on AWS 
  • Carrier-grade calls with our best-in-class SIP trunk network 
  • Zero downtime with fail-over capability 
  • Maintain uptime with mobile applications, even with on-site power outages 
  • Global IP blacklist constantly updated with latest hack reports 

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