Driving customer acquisition through cloud telecommunication

Our new client was suffering from an inability to respond to inbound customer leads. The business, a chain of specialty medical clinics, had recently increased its number of locations and embarked on an aggressive and successful marketing campaign. However, their current telephone system consisted of a series of location-specific phone lines, which required call handling at individual clinics.

The single line to headquarters could not manage multiple calls. Their existing telecommunications were not able to employ a ring strategy in order to manage simultaneous calls to alternative client relations staff.

Further, the business could not seamlessly forward inbound calls to the various locations for personalized service.  Customers would have to dial alternative locations directly for booking.

Moving to a Cloud-based PBX

By moving their voice services to the cloud, our client was able to capture a far greater number of leads. This allowed his business to increase revenue dramatically while decreasing total telecoms costs for the business.

Each missed call represents a missed sales opportunity for your business. A cloud-based PBX will permit you to have a single inbound number with a digital receptionist, such that all calls could be properly captured and directed between its various divisions and locations. No customer inbound calls are lost, and all are directed & handled by the proper area.

Further, your management will be able to use in-depth call reports to understand how your various locations are handling their calls if any call-backs have been missed, and how their customer service representatives are using their time.

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