What’s new with 3CX V16?

3CX has recently released V16, which we are now deploying to all customers. V16 is a major upgrade of the existing platform, with a number of new features, as well as improvements to existing functionality and performance.

All new features are included in the 3CX licenses we deploy, at no extra cost, and we ensure that features are automatically updated to existing clients as they are released.  

This new update demonstrates 3CXs commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of Unified Communications, which is why they remain our chosen partners for deploying enterprise telephone systems globally.

Major areas of improvement include:


3CX now fully integrates into Office 365, for real-time syncing of contacts and status of all users. Corporate chat has been improved to be easier and more functional, with the addition of file sharing, emojis and images.

Further, 3CX has improved its integration with major CRM systems, making the launching of calls from inside a CRM easier than ever.

Live chat & talk

Live chat & talk is a major new feature which permits website visitors to chat or call directly via a business’ website to its telecoms system. By deploying a WordPress plug-in or script, 3CX creates a website widget to initiate a chat directly to the 3CX WebClient, to be managed by client service staff through their usual chat platform.


Unlike similar services, by integrating with a business’ communications infrastructure, 3CX permits a chat to be elevated to a phone call instantly at no cost, managed through the existing phone system.

Call Centre Management

Call centre management has been improved further, with upgrades to reporting functions for agent assessment, and to the switchboard functionality for live call management. Call recordings are easier to search and manage, as well as providing optional call transcription services.

Web meeting

As before, having webmeeting hosted on a dedicated server, balanced by 3CXs global server network, results in better performance than other commercially managed webmeeting solutions.

3CXs webmeeting is optimized for multiple users, easily launched for up to 50 people inside or outside an organization. Webinars can be easily managed, including high-quality recording functions.

Major upgrades to functionality include having telephone dial-in to webmeetings, as well as screen-sharing without the need for additional browser add-ons. In the cases of poor internet connectivity, a new ‘video adaptiveness’ features means that 3CX will reduce video quality and prioritise voice, instead of dropping or interrupting participants with a poor connection.

Other improvements

Security has been improved with a global IP blacklist, updating in real-time according to the latest hack reports.

Softphones through webclient or iOS/Android apps have been improved for better usability and stability.

Contact us today if you’d like to talk further about your existing PBX solutions, and how 3CX can improve business operations while reducing telephony costs up to 80%.